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Project summery

Not just a site, but a philosophy of life.

The challenge in creating this site was not so much in the development aspect, intended as coding, but more in the design, in the copywriting, in expressing, through a site, the professionalism, the love and the dedication that the owner has for his dogs and his work; a site that had to be distinguished from the usual “buy my dogs” because perhaps, the monetary aspect for this person is the least significant.
I want to believe that both we and the owner have succeeded in the purpose,
have a look: 


Unique Design

In the field of dog breedings this website stands out above the rest.
You won't find any other website that looks like this or even better! It's a promise.


The great work of backlinks, keywords, high quality content, has led this site to be in the top 5 of the first page on Google if you search for "breeding poodles" or "breeding toy poodles".

High Quality Pics

How can a kennel site not have beautiful pictures of its puppies? Every picture, or at least 90% of them, was taken with a professional camera and post-processed with Photoshop.


Web Design

Maatilayla is one of the biggest sites we’ve developed: the blog plus 7 pages each rich in content, photos and more has been a nice challenge.
The site born in Italian has been translated by us also in English and soon in Spanish and finally coming soon an e-commerce for branded products.

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